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San Diego Aug. 98 Review

My Review of San Diego California Concert
on August 14th, 1998
With Scrapbook presentation

Hey there!
This is finally done now! I know I know, its about time! LOL!!! I realize that it has been 4 months since the San Diego Concert but life at my home is wild and crazy. Hope you all had a great summer of 1998 and that you have a great holiday season and then a wonderful 1999.

Ok, here we go…first of all you may know how I had came about this but in case you don't here is a little background of how this came about. Those who know about it can speed read this section hee-hee-hee.

I made the scrapbook in hope that Rick would take it with him on tour and or bring it home to read (as I know that he is an avid reader) when he wanted to and had the time to. I conceived this idea of having fans write to Rick about how much we missed him and how we look forward to hearing his music and seeing him tour again. This actually was an idea I had back in 1983-84 time frame as I heard him say in an interview how lonely it can get while being away from friends and family for extended periods of time, especially when stuck in a tourbus. You all know how that is, long car ride and boredom sets in and you need something to read or do to occupy yourself. J

I never felt that the time was right to do this -- until I went to Tucson in April 1998 to attend a charity event that Rick was hosting! Then I met him and that sort of clinched it. He was real sweet and generous with us fans. As compared to 1997 with 25 fans(approx)to the 70+ fans that attended this year, Rick I am sure was pretty surprised. J

I knew I wanted to do this, but how was the question and what was another. A fellow Rick fan, whom I will always remember, came up with the idea of making a scrapbook. J I knew what I wanted to put in it. Letters…memories…by Rick fans! Wanted to get peoples reaction of what it felt like to be a Rick fan!! And to tell Rick what they thought of him and why they felt that way. Also how through his music that he has changed their lives or have enriched them a little or a lot depending on their life situation. Truthfully I thought that I would just limit the letters to those that met him. But I changed my mind on that for which I am glad. Maybe Rick can get some fresh ideas from a few of them.

I started with a letter of which I sent 250 copies to RLS (Rick's Loyal Supporters) Newsletter Editor and fearless Rick Springfield fan club leader LOL - Vivian Acinelli. Knowing how overworked but loving every minute of it, it is to make the quarterly newsletters that she was I did not want her overworked at the copier to add this idea to the newsletter. Man her copier gets a workout as it is!!! LOL!! Love ya Viv - J So she put the fliers for the scrapbook in with the newsletters. Thanks again Viv!

Due to confidentiality I can't tell what was written as I would NEVER do that without their permission from the author, but I can tell you they were some of the best stories one could read (I skimmed each letter for typos only - which I am sure are in this typing.) Though to give you a general idea of the contents --

**Some wrote about how they looked forward to seeing him in concert and that they looked forward to the new CD and his kind-heartedness.

**Some wrote about his music helping overcoming troubled times and finally seeing light at the end with his music and his kind-heartedness.

**Most wrote a combination of the two!

It is my hope that he enjoyed learning about some of his fans. J

I collected 49 total letters and emails, most were emails. All touching memories! I hope that there will be many more next year!

Now I am NOT very creative with art materials but I would take a stab at it. My handwriting stinks too, so hope he can read my handwriting. LOL! I started assembling the scrapbook (white scrapbook)with the letters & pictures and emails & pictures that people sent in. I tried to be creative, but time was against me here. Next time I will be starting eariler and working as I get them type thing. I found out that I had more letters than pages so I took acid free paper (construction type) and paper punch them to make pages. I realized that I probably should have pick up some more blank scrapbook pages but I felt, hey I can put some color in here. LOL!!! So 3 days before the concert I assembled the letters in the scrapbook. The emails I was a bit more creative with knowing how I suck at making designs. Hehehe. I changed only the fonts (the lettering) to make them more appealing. You can see in the pictures how the background is but the font is hard to see. But you can see that this lettering is different than the above blue lettering. Ok enough with computer design 101 - which I know not much about =)

I spent most of the evening of the 13th gathering last minute emails and attaching the letters to the book. I was up all night literally in a labor of love of getting it all put together. I did have to use staples to make some of the thicker entries stay in the book. :) Then I was 99% done, and I looked at the clock and it was August 14th, at 5:30 AM. Lordy, I stayed up all night LOL!!! I went straight to sleep and slept for 4 1/2 hours got up and shower and got ready.

Going with me was a fellow fan that I had gotten to know by talking to her on the phone and a few letters. She mentioned in her first letter that she was going too and also submitted a letter. She was due to come as soon as she could, which was about 2 pm or so. My mom was going with us as well. She shares Rick's birthday and is 2 years his senior. Ok, older, but don't tell her that! LOL!!

Anyway, I paced until Meri finally made it to my house as we had arranged it. We met with a hug. Meri brought with her a large scrapbook or two that we looked at for a little bit while wait for the cab to come. I love all that she brought...I had some of what she had but realized that I didn't have a lot of what she had. Man, I want some of what she had. Greedy little me! =) So I asked if she can get some copied for me and to my delight she said yes. She even had copies of the offical 1980s fan club newsletters and gave them to me. I gave her a 4 paged poster of a shot of Rick in leather from the Hard To Hold movie.

It was finally time to go by the cab (really a van). I was getting more excited as time passed as this was my first time seeing him in concert in nearly 15 year (In 1982)! Plus I was not in the nose bleed section (bleachers) like I was in the MN State Fair concert. I was upset about that then. Now I was in the 17th row center section. On the way to Humphrey's By The Bay I continued with the final touch up of the scrapbook. I wrote a cover letter on acid paper why I had created this book for him. Sloppily done as my handwriting really sucks! Hee Hee!

More to come…EVENTUALLY =)

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