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Welcome to my Rick Springfield Zone!

WHEW! You made it!!

This is my main page for this talented and overall great guy. =)

This page will change from time to time as I add more to my Rick Zone.
I will try to stay as updated as I can.

This will be a index page of sorts to my Rick pages and a temporary link place for some of my favorite Rick places on the web. Which I have alot of!

Plain ol' type links at first! In order as far as my photos are concerned. LOL! Soon I hope to have some of my Tucson 1998 Photos on near future, I hope.

Rick Zone #1
This link is my personal opinion on Rick, The Music The Man! I am a little nervous about this one. =) But I feel that I can share this now.

The Memory Scrapbook
A 49th birthday present of letters to Rick by his fans that I gave to him (by proxy) after attending my first concert since September 1982 {it's still unfinished ACK! } This was done in August 1998.

Rick in Newport Beach, CA
Photos I took before and during concert in September of 1998


The Karma Release L.A. CD signing.
My photos taken on April 13, 1999

COMING SOON: August 28, 1999 Henderson, NV concert photos!!
UPDATE: I have these scanned as well as a few other concerts I went too.
Good Lord, its about time! =)They will be up soon. I just need to write
up a little html for them...sigh

Indio, CA
Pictures I took on February 21, 2000

I will be making more of my own buttons to my pages - eventually!

Here are some of my more regularly visited links!

Kathy's Rick Springfield Pages

Still Crazy For Rick/RLS Fan Club Website
The Official RS fan club's website and Rick Springfield happenings, etc.
Just newly updated and you'll need to refresh your links. =)

The Rick Springfield Website

Special thanks goes to MGM people for photo of Rick in character at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV in the production of EFX: ALIVE and the extra special creative touch of sunshinesmiley! =)

Here is a place to talk about Rick and share Rick experiences...
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This recently merged with Yahoo.
NOTE: I will update this link soon. If for some reason the above link doesn't
work click here and look us up. =)

This section was created March 2000

Some part of the RS zone updated as of August 05, 2002

How do you like my RS webpages

Thanks Bravenet! =)

DISCLAIMER: This is one fan's personal Rick Springfield Website only.
No affiliation with the Offical website of Rick Springfield.
Its just for the pure entertainment and enjoyment for myself and many other Rick Springfield fans.
Rick, if you see this site, hope you enjoyed it LOL!

This webspace/site is © 1998-2002 by its devoted webmaster.