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The Rick Springfield

Henderson Nevada Concert Photos

The concert was held on December 5, 1998

I was fortunate enough to have front row seats during the two shows that he did at this venue and I had a blast!

Take a look at the photos. He was intense that night and we all had a lot of fun! Rick sure did too! =)

Ready to see the pictures??

It may take some time to load but hang in there!

As you may have realized that the pictures are NOT in any real order other than general clues. {NOTE -- but going to make it in order...someday - 01/03/2000} Like sweat (lol) and buttons becoming unbuttoned LOL!! There are a few blurry pictures; but then I was jumping about and dancing. =)

(a fave!)

Rick signing a picture of himself! He's writing on his chest LOL!

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Click link to see rest of photos from the first show.