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The Rick Springfield Scrapbook!

Conceived idea long, long ago but thought of since I first met him in April of 1998!

I began brainstorming this project since after the Tucson trip and it took off like a shot! I got encouraging letters & emails stating that this was a great idea. Well I must say that without all the personal letters that poured in it would not have been possible. For those of you that participated I take my hat off to YOU!!!!!

The idea to do this (have fans from all over write a letter or email to Rick personal or otherwise stated how he has influenced their lives and our love and common bond through his music and him as a person. I can imagine how lonely it can be being away from his home and family and friends (other than his friends a.k.a. band members) for comfort. I thought, well, I know he is an insatiable reader why not let him read some letters from those of us who love his music and let him know we are behind him all the way!!

Your letters were wonderful!! I am quite positive he has enjoyed them all. =)) Your letters were written from your heart and that was all I asked! Some were funny, some were heart wrenching, but all from your heart to his! And for that I think this was a tremendous success!!


As soon as I finish it I plan to finish (FINALLY) a combo scrapbook and San Diego concert review soon!!! For now click on the link below

Scrapbook photos
Pictures of what it looked like when completed.


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