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Mommy scanned some of my pictures! A few are embarrassing, but you know how mommies are...LOL!

I was still nervous about my new home.

THE FULL MONTY!?! Mommy, did you have to show this one

Think I will hide the remote under pillow.



What the...! Hey!

Don't ya hate it when someone flashes a camera on you when you're trying to sleep?

DO YOU MIND?! I am trying to sleep here!

Mommy2 thinks I look cute here! I dunno what do you think?

If I turn this way...

Okay, how about this way...What did you say!

That's it! No more already! I am outta here!

Please put that thing away? I am trying to sleep.

More in the has some more photos of me, she'll scan them soon and add them to other pages. =)

NEW Photos (June 2000)

Baxter's Christmas 1999

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